Abilene Metropolitan Planning Organization

Members & Staff

The MPO consists of a Policy Board (PB), a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), and the MPO Staff.

Abilene MPO Policy Board

The Policy Board provides direction and guidance for transportation planning in the MPO boundaries. The Board is responsible for ensuring conformance with Federal regulations requiring that highways, mass transit, and other transportation facilities and services are properly deployed and developed in relation to the overall plan for urban development. Listed among their responsibilities are to review and approve the following documents: the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP), and the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP). In November 2010, the Policy Board was reorganized from seventeen members to five voting members and four non-voting members and the Technical Advisory Committee was established.

The MPO Policy Board is comprised of the following five voting members:
Four elected State and Federal legislators are represented as non-voting members. These include the:

Abilene MPO Policy Board Members (pdf)

Abilene MPO Technical Advisory Committee


The Technical Advisory Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Transportation Policy Board on all technical matters and on any other issues assigned to it by the Policy Board.

Abilene MPO Technical Advisory Committee Members (pdf)

MPO Staff

The MPO staff consists of two full-time employees and one part-time employee who are responsible for the day-to-day activities of the MPO including information gathering and assembling of documents that correspond to transportation issues within the MPO boundary. The Executive Director is responsible for the direction of responsibilities and administration of the MPO. The Transportation Planner provides valuable planning and technical resources to the MPO. The Office Assistant provides administrative support to the MPO.

E'Lisa Smetana


Rita Ryan

Executive Director
Office phone: (325) 437-9999
Fax number: (325) 676-6398
Transportation Planner I
Office phone: (325) 676-6243
Fax number: (325) 676-6398
Office Assistant III
Office phone: (325) 437-9999
Fax number: (325) 676-6398

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