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Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

The Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) identifies transportation planning and related activities to be conducted within the Abilene Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) boundaries that are funded by Federal, State, and local sources. This document serves as the MPO’s budget and can either be updated annually or every two years. To guide the process the UPWP identifies the following five tasks:

  • Task I addresses the administrative support, policy development, and management tools used to support the transportation planning processes.
  • Task II supports the planning activities that generate or collect critical transportation data. Transportation planning requires the development of detailed databases and maps that describe the primary aspects of the transportation system. These include the condition and use of system facilities or services, the purposes for which the system is used, the system’s relationship to existing and future land uses, and the system’s impact on the social, environmental and economic well-being of our region.
  • Task III supports short-range planning activities. These include updates to the Transportation Improvement Program, amendments to the UPWP, coordination between public transportation providers, transit route analysis, and other activities related to immediate implementation.
  • Task IV addresses the planning activities for long-range transportation needs. This includes those needed to update the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) and incorporates all modes of transportation.
  • Task V involves special one-time planning activities and major corridor analyses. This task serves as the means for examining the role of alternative transportation modes, strategies, and safety for the region.

Abilene MPO FY 2024-2025
UPWP 2024-2025 Amend 2

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is the MPO’s short-term planning document. The TIP is a four year program of highway and transit projects proposed for funding by Federal, State, and local resources within the Abilene metropolitan area. The TIP is updated at least every two years and approved by the MPO. The FHWA and the FTA must jointly find that each metropolitan TIP is based on a continuing, comprehensive transportation process carried on cooperatively by the States, MPOs and transit operators. The TIP may be amended as transportation needs or funding levels change. The TIP is financially constrained by year. Projects listed in the TIP must be consistent with the MTP.

Abilene MPO FY
2023-2026 TIP


Abilene MPO FY 2023-2026 TIP Amend 4


Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan is the MPO’s long-range plan or “blueprint” that has a minimum twenty-year planning horizon and is updated every five years. This long-range plan focuses on multi-modal transportation needs within the MPO area and serves as the basis for the planning needs and decision-making guidelines for the MPO Board. This is accomplished through identifying present and future transportation corridors, forecasting transportation needs and growth patterns, providing estimated costs for implementation of those needs, and including other innovative approaches to transportation. The MTP is a financially constrained document but it also includes a list of additional projects that could be implemented as funding becomes available.

Abilene Metropolitan Transportation
Plan 2020-2045

Abilene MTP 2020-2045 Amend 5



Ten-Year Plan

In 2015, House Bill 20 of the 84th Texas Legislature required that each planning organization shall develop a 10-year transportation plan for the use of the funding allocated to the region. The first four years of the plan shall be developed to meet the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The Abilene MPO is allocated Category 2 (Metropolitan and Urban Corridor Projects) funds.



Abilene Ten-Year Plan


Abilene MPO Ten Year Plan



Documents & Reports

Abilene MPO Bylaws - Governing document of the MPO.

MPO Bylaws

Annual Performance Expenditure Report (APER) - is an annual work performance review of all proposed transportation planning and related activities of the Abilene MPO as submitted in the Unified Planning Work Program.

APER FY 2023
APER FY 2023

Annual Listing of Obligated Projects
An Annual Listing of Obligated Projects is required for each metropolitan area and must be consistent with the project listing in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). It is a listing of projects (including investments in pedestrian walkways and bicycle transportation facilities) for which FHWA or FTA funds were obligated in the preceding program year. The purpose of this annual listing is “to increase the transparency of government spending on transportation projects and strategies in metropolitan areas to state and local officials, and the public at large”.

ALOP FY 2022
APL FY 2022

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